Update an old serving cart with contact paper

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February is the month for hearts. I have a team with other amazing women on projects that show something that is very important to us. For me, my world revolves around God, my husband, children, grandchildren and my two fur babies. I wanted to do a DIY project to make a wall hanging for photos of the family or just my four grandchildren. Every time I see my bare wall it reminds me that you have to do something for that wall. Do you have a bare wall and keep looking? We have been in this house for a year now. The challenge was dealing with this particular wall on a budget. I wanted to spend little to no money on my project. So what did i do? I bought my house! Now, you may not have all of these items on hand. However, I’m going to show you how to think outside the box and let your creative juices flow. You never know that something might be working in the shed or garage. If you have nothing, keep an eye out the next time you’re thrifting, visiting a Facebook marketplace, or buying antiques. I see vintage pieces of wood in markets that could be used to upgrade into something else. For my project, I remember a piece of wood that was salvaged from my antique sideboard. The stable part of (middle) has been removed. I saved the top piece of it. It had such beautiful carvings in the wood. I decided to turn it into a piece of wall art to hang photos. Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means I will earn a commission at no additional cost to you every time you click through and make a purchase. The opinions here are my own. AccessoriesWhat I found in my house while shopping: Vintage piece from an old sideboardA jar of pure white chalk paintA jar of clear wax to apply a protective layer to the chalk paintChalk Painting Brushes3 lint-free cloth (for the clear wax), 1 to apply the wax and 2 for applying Buff 2 Heavy Duty D-Rings Picture Hangers 4 wooden picture frames of your choice (I use 5 x 7 frames with 4 x 6 photos, 4 x 6 photos of your choice (I ordered updated black) & white photos that have not yet arrived due to the ice storms 4 brass coated screw eyes (or you can hot glue the tape to the back of the frame) 4 screw-in ceiling cups hook 3/4 inch tape of your choice, at least 20 yards (I use 3/4 inch cable tape, any tape would work ) Fine-grain sanding blockMicrofibre cleaning clothPencilToolsMeasuring tape TissScissors for cutting the tapeCanvas Drop ClothDrill for starting a pilot hole (opti onal) with 1/16 drillPhilips head screwdriver for the screws Let’s Get StartedFirst, I took my Canvas Drop Cloth from my painting supplies. I love using a linen cloth to protect my table or counter when I’m working on a project. Best of all, it can be washed or just rolled up to use on the next project. I haven’t bought a linen towel in years. You need to make sure your vintage wood piece is clean before painting it. I use a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe off any dust. The fun part is painting. I find it therapeutic. This wood is dark so it will take three coats to cover it. The beauty of the chalk paint is very forgiving.