Upcycled balls in decorative string vase fillers

Mart 21, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

I was preparing for an upcoming local festival. I needed a few bits and bobs to lint and warm up my room, so I upcycled string balls as a vase filler.

I have very busy children too! So I always have several random toys that I have to get rid of frequently. No exaggeration, by the time I upcycled these balls there were at least a few dozen balls in and around my house.
Most of these upcycled twine are plastic balls. Some are kids balls and some, I honestly don’t know what they are and how they got here!?!

I first cut a long piece of string especially for the string or hemp balls. You can find the center by cutting it in half. Also start in the middle of the ball and glue a straight line around the circumference.

Now just continue to wrap and hot glue. Make sure they are tight and butt against each other. When everything is twisted, cut off the string and hot glue. Do each side the same way.
The other upcycling balls are made from second-hand sweaters. Cut a piece big enough to cover the ball.
Place two opposite sides up and down where they meet. Cut them to size and hot glue them. Do the same for the opposite sides. Try to keep them as seamless as possible.

The others (obviously not string balls) are made from a discarded leaf. Tear up long scraps of fabric and randomly wrap them until you are satisfied with it.
You can find more string-wrapped items on my website at viralupcycle.com.
Using upcycled yarn balls as a vase filler is an easy way to decorate your style and add a touch of whimsy to it.

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