The old sign shelf that saved my home

Mart 20, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

Best day ever was when my neighbor came to visit me … to let me know he knocked over his old fence and did I want the wood?
That poor man … I ran past him and ran down the street faster than my own two feet! (old wood versus chocolate? I can’t tell the difference)
So this weekend I was dizzy making something cool out of it. I painted the wooden boards to look like a hacked box, added a couple of old shutters, and ended up with the cutest old shield lock shelf in the country.
This little shelf came at a really good time. I had felt a little “meh” about my home, but this one new project really brightened my prospects …

Little bits of this and that, this upcycling shelf with old signs was so easy and fun!

Here is the fence that sparked the frenzied wood frenzy. Isn’t it GORGEOUS?
I still don’t understand why my son wasn’t feeling quite like this … maybe this has something to do with helping me put it down? I did not dare to ask …

Let’s convince him that his efforts were a good idea!
First I used mine FOOD stencil (from my own stencil collection) to label it.

Sigh … do you love old signs as much as I do? We will be BFF, I can only say!
Adding shutters for the sides was a fun, upcycled twist! You can even open the slats to let more light inside.

The planks were cut to size, taking care to present natural edges.

This cute little shelf was the PERFECT addition to my favorite room in the house!
Do you want to do one too?
Click the link below for the full tutorial and stencil information.
And find out WHY this shelf saved me from selling my house … ­čÖé

Recommended materials:

  • FOOD stencil ((
  • Reclaimed shutters ((a neighbour)

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