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Mart 21, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

Spring is only a few days away (finally !!) and I’ve been bringing it to my house as often as possible lately! I’ve seen a few projects with peas lately so I wanted to give it a try too! This Spring Split Pea Topiary is also the perfect touch for every brunch!

You will find this item:

First, paint the small terracotta pot white. I wanted mine to look “submerged” so after the white dried I used an elastic band and put it on at an angle.

I painted that under the elastic with aqua paint. After drying, I added another elastic band over it and painted it with a lavender paint. When the paint was completely dry, I carefully removed the rubber bands.

For the top I painted my large foam ball with green paint to match the peas.

When it was completely dry I started painting Mod Podge in a thick coat and adding split peas. I would do one section at a time and spin the ball as it dried.

Once the ball was covered I went around again filling in all the holes. I just put some Mod Podge in the holes and added more peas.

I’ll let this dry completely overnight. I added moss to a foam insert as the picture shows.

I used a shish kabob stick to attach the foam ball and pot.

And done! A simple and light spring centerpiece. You could easily come back with another layer of Matte Mod Podge over the peas if you were concerned they would fall off, but all of me stayed. To see more detailed instructions, visit the blog below!

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