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At the start of each season, I sit down and look at my typical schedule, my lately motivation levels, and where I might be having trouble with tasks that need to be done. This year is a little different because I’m making some pretty big changes in my life.

As you probably already know, from your own experience, 2020 was not a fun year. Although my family was lucky enough to be able to work from home and we survived pretty well, it was difficult to stay at home all the time.

Between trying to entertain the child and never having a quiet time to myself, my mental health deteriorated significantly. I didn’t do a thorough cleaning of my house at all, we spent too much money on grocery deliveries, and I spent a lot of time playing video games.

So this spring I decided to take some time to get back to a normal and more productive schedule. I have to make changes, I have to go back to the way I used to, and honestly, I have to do a thorough cleaning of my house more often.

Before I can do all of this, however, I need to find my motivation to do so. So let’s start with a few things that motivated me to get things under control.

Cleaning bucket with microfiber clothing and cleaning sprays

Cleaning motivation

One of my biggest problems was finding the motivation to clean my house. Sure, the dishes were ready, the trash was taken out, and I would vacuum weekly. But I didn’t scrub the walls, clean the lights, clean the cabinets, or do any other big job.

It just felt like too much effort. Most of my energy has gone into dealing with never leaving the house or anyone who leaves. I spent a lot of time working with my child to prepare them for kindergarten. The time I had was spent playing video games to escape the hell we all lived in.

Every time I thought of cleaning the house thoroughly or doing something similar, I saw the projects as a whole rather than individual tasks. I would immediately feel overwhelmed and then do none of it.

I had to find a way to get motivated to clean my house and I found it in a pretty surprising place. Motivational cleaning videos on YouTube. When I saw people tidying, organizing, and cleaning their houses up and down, I was motivated to do the same.

While I’m a fan of food and recipe videos, I never thought I’d really care about cleaning videos. I was pretty shocked when a couple of lifestyle vloggers I subscribed to made some cleaning videos and I loved it.

If you’re looking for motivation to clean your own home, watching cleaning videos can help keep you motivated as well.

YouTube channels I like to clean:

Find your cleaning weaknesses

We all have weaknesses in cleaning. Be it cleaning the bathroom, making the bed, loading and unloading the dishwasher, or dusting the house regularly, you likely have a cleaning weakness and need to find it.

For me, my weakness in cleaning is absolutely my kitchen. I hesitate to clean my kitchen every day. I always try to put it off to the last task every time.

However, I love it when my kitchen is spotless. I stand in it and a smile comes on my face when my kitchen looks just perfect and is organized. I envision this to break through my weakness and be motivated to cleanse it every morning.

To eliminate your own cleaning weakness, imagine the room or task when it is complete and how good it feels to have it done. Use this as motivation to push through this one task that you just don’t enjoy doing.

Sink with soap dispenser

Choose four to six daily tasks

If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is spend hours cleaning your house every day. Here you select four to six daily tasks. 2-3 for the morning and 2-3 for the evening.

My tasks are:

  • To empty the dishwasher
  • Pick up toys
  • to collect the trash
  • To fill the dishwasher
  • Clean up random objects
  • Wipe the counters down

If I unload the dishwasher every morning, I can load it all day. After unloading and loading the dishwasher, I usually scrub my countertops to keep it pristine.

Toy pickup is mostly done by my 6 year old but I have to stay on top of him to make sure he does the job. While he is tidying up his toys, I walk around the house throwing away rubbish, collecting plates and cups, and generally tidying up.

Pick a great daily task

With my ADHD, I often see one task that needs to be done, then 12 other tasks that need to be done, lose all my motivation and don’t do any of the tasks. Instead of constantly struggling with myself, I only allow one big task a day.

Of course, when I feel motivated enough to do more after this one task, I will do more. By eliminating all the other tasks and having to do only one thing, I eliminate the feeling of overwhelming that keeps me from doing anything at all.

My one task per day looks like this:

  • Monday – litter boxes
  • Tuesday – dust
  • Wednesday – vacuum
  • Thursday – litter boxes
  • Friday – bathroom
  • Saturday – quick vacuum cleaner and mop
  • Sunday – laundry
Washer and dryer with a load of towels in the front loading washing machine

Schedule your monthly tasks

The way of doing this can vary based on your schedule, motivation, and what you want to do for your monthly chores.

Every month I enjoy cleaning my windows, dusting the inside of our computers, disinfecting the entire house, and cleaning all of my appliances.

I do all of this on the 6th of every month. You can say the first weekend of each month or you can split it up and do one per week throughout the month. Whichever way you choose to complete your monthly chores is entirely up to you.

I prefer to choose a day when I don’t do anything other than this thorough cleaning job. I never schedule appointments or other tasks for the 6th of the month and leave it to make sure I don’t skip those tasks.

While these tasks don’t usually take all day, it feels good to know that that is all I have to do that day. Again, I try to avoid feeling overwhelmed that prevents me from achieving anything at all.

Choose your seasonal tasks

Now that seasonal tasks are so rare, I don’t have a set day to complete them. I usually combine these tasks with other tasks I am already doing.

Changing filters is pretty easy and convenient while doing laundry. So this is just a simple seasonal task. Sometimes I bring up the vacuum and clean up the basement so I can get rid of the cobwebs and dust in the basement.

My other big seasonal chores are scrubbing the baseboards, window sills, closets, and lights. So when I vacuum the floor or get rid of cobwebs, I open the windows and clean the window sills.

When I mop the floors on Saturdays, I take a little more time to actually scrub my baseboards. When I clean the kitchen I will clean all of the cabinets and backsplash.

Again, this keeps me from feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that needs to be done, as this is just a small additional task while I’m already doing something similar.

Remain on restart

The hardest part of restarting the schedule is sticking to that schedule. For the first week or two you get motivated, you like your house to be kept clean, and then you lose your motivation.

While this schedule allows me to skip a day here or there when I’m busy or just need a lazy day, I want to point out to you that that one day doesn’t turn into two or three days. If you skip more than a day, you may feel overwhelmed with the tasks that need to be done to keep your house clean.

The trick here for me is to remind myself I only have to do seven things today. My 6 daily tasks, spread out over the day and easy to do, and this one big job. I try to tackle my kitchen and the one big task right after work.

When I’m done with the kitchen and done my only big job, I find it easy to clean up the house, put away toys, and sometimes do an extra job.

Use a reward program for the days when you just want to skip. Tell yourself you can order tonight when you can do those chores or indulge in a Starbucks or other treat.

Have you ever restarted the cleaning schedule? Let us know in the comments below. Follow me on Pinterest for more of this and pin this to your favorite cleaning boards.