Simple spring chocolate bouquet for Mother’s Day

Mart 21, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

Flowers or chocolates – so difficult to choose, so why not both with this chocolate bouquet? Fabulous for Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Appreciation. Or, as my friends know, I am happy to receive chocolate for absolutely any (or no) occasion.

You will need bamboo skewers, scrapbook paper, chocolates, and double-sided tape.

You can buy green skewers in the flower section of craft stores, but I didn’t have these and I had plain skewers and green paint so I colored mine myself. It only took a few minutes.

I used a large flower cutter to cut out cardboard flower shapes and attached them to the ends of the skewers.

Nice sticky double-sided tape was perfect for sticking my chocolate leaves onto the paper flowers.

Arrange the chocolate flowers in an opaque container (to hide the floral foam and keep the flowers in place). Mmmm, flowers never smelled so delicious.

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