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Whether it’s July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, President’s Day, or Flag Day red, white and blue decorations gives your home decor an explosion of patriotic atmosphere.

red-white-blue decorations put flags in a lamb's ear wreath

Patriotic holidays run all year round, that’s why I love red, white and blue decorations. I also love giving you ideas. Here are some tips for decorating anything from the porch to the fireplace mantle for July 4th.

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Red, white and blue decorations

The July party decorations are a fun way to celebrate the entire holiday. Here’s an idea with old vintage decor on your party table.

4th of July table setting with vintage centerpiece

I love using patriotic party favors that are lying around my house so I used whatever I could find here that had all of the colors of the American flag to make a patriotic table setting. Patriotic celebrations are so much fun! I created another table with the same red, white and blue decorations but a different center piece for the fourth of July.

red, white and blue decorations for a table landscape on the fourth of July

Here is a 4th of July tablescape idea which is filled with red, white, and blue color schemes. It was so fun and inspiring that I couldn’t wait to share more ideas for a July celebration. So let’s start outside on my little porch for more patriotic decorations.

Patriotic little porch

red, white and blue decorations on a small porch for July 4th

I encourage you to think of your porch, small or large, as another room in your home. This space is an indication of what guests will get inside.

Here are a few simple changes that will instantly make it feel patriotic.

red, white and blue decorations on a small porch for July 4th.

Start at the top and work your way down adding a patriotic wreath or garland around the door. I have had this wreath for many years and still am not tired of it. So if you have a wreath, you can put it up for any patriotic holiday and include it in it.

One thing that I changed about this wreath this year as opposed to last year is the way it is hung. In my July 4th decoration ideas last year I hung the wreath with a metal hanger. This year I chose a. decided tape for a softer feel.

red, white and blue decorations on a small porch for July 4th

Another inexpensive and fun touch is adding this one aim Dollar spot windmills to the planter.

red, white and blue decorations on a small porch for July 4th with a pinwheel

Just put a couple of pinwheels for flags in your planter and as if by magic you have given your planter red, white and blue decorations.

Talk about easy!

red, white and blue decorations on a small porch for July 4th with multilayered carpets

And lastly for the porch, take a red, white, and / or blue rug to layer your doormat. I found this on the share and boy did it turn the porch with paint.


Now let’s get to the front door and give our guest a little more independence in the entrance area.

red, white and blue decorations in the entrance area

Here are some simpler ideas and cheap ones too. Again I raided the dollar spot at aim and pulled out some of my own stuff from last year.

red-white-blue decoration in the entrance area with American stick flags in a lamb's ear wreath

Starting from the top I added a stick American stick flags to my lamb’s ear wreath to give it a July wreath atmosphere. This wreath is decorated all year round. I got the wreath from one Etsy shop called The Whimsical Door. She has many other great wreaths, but this one is versatile.

There are so many places to add Glue flags. You can add them to flower arrangements, plants, or wreaths like I did here.

red-white-blue decoration in the entrance area with American stick flags in a lamb's ear wreath

Next, add some metal stars or something similar to the side of your mirror or your art. I used a tiny little nail so there was a tiny hole to fill once I took the stars off.

red, white and blue decorations in the entrance area with pillows with American flag

If you have one Bank throw a US theme all over your home pillow on the Bank. These pillow are from last year but you can find cheap ones pillow in the dollar spot aim Likewise.

red, white and blue decorations in the entrance area with pillows and flowers of the American flag flag

And when you have a branch of flowers tie a cute red and white tape around it and place it on the Bank. Small details like these transform a design from ordinary to unique.

Now let’s take a few steps into my kitchen, where I’ve added a few simple details.

Kitchen decor

There is something special about adding Christmas decorations to your kitchen area. I have a small living room attached to my kitchen.

red, white and blue decorations in the kitchen on the stall with a pennant banner

If you have a stall in your home, consider adding a pennant banner to the stall. I have a Pennant banners can be printed out free of charge where you can make your own.

Pennant banners with red, white and blue decoration

It’s really easy to do once you have basic sewing skills. You can add this to your stall, china cabinet, bookcase, or anywhere. Or you can buy one like I did this year.

Now let’s go back to the living room, which is the last room in which I added some patriotic accents.

Living room coat

This year I turned everything upside down. What I mean is that I’ve decided to do some fireplace mantle art every year.

red, white and blue decorations on the mantle with a maroon shiplap wood artwork with a freedom wood cutout on it.

Since the mantle is the centerpiece of the home, I feel like the Christmas decorations aren’t complete until the mantle fits into the design.

red, white and blue embellishments on the mantle with a chambray blue ship's rag wood art piece that has a Liberty wood cutout.

To keep things cheap, I was inspired by this “Freedom” wooden letter cutout and an old canvas frame that I found at Goodwill.

This project is super easy. With the frame I was able to add a shiplap look and paint it with that Fusion mineral paint, and add the words “liberty”. And now I have some art for the coat.

I’ll share how to do this piece in the next post. But if making a piece isn’t your thing, this is the place to hang a flag for your July decoration. It brings together a home design when you include the coat.


Well, there you have a few ideas for red, white and blue decorations for your patriotic holiday. Hope you have been inspired to decorate an Independence Day in your home. Or maybe I should say July 4th, Flag Day, President’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day. Okay, I think you got the picture.

Did you know that you can take these decorations out before Memorial Day and leave them outside all summer? Yes, you can have a patriotic spirit all summer. It’s the best time of year to decorate with an Americana theme. What makes this style of furnishing even better.

Have fun decorating and God bless America!

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