Shamrock wreath for St. Patrick’s Day made from hangers

Mart 22, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

I didn’t have a St. Patrick’s Day wreath, so I decided to make another wreath out of wire hangers. I was able to bend and twist two wire hangers, wrap them in quilting and ribbon to create an adorable wreath.

Here is my delivery list:
-2 wire hangers
-quilt eyelash
-Band for wrapping and embellishing
-hot glue

I grabbed two wire bows and a pair of pliers and went to work bending them into the shape of a clover.

I bent my first coat hanger into two matching heart-shaped sheets of paper with pliers.

I went for a 3 leaf clover wreath with a curly stem, so I bent the second hanger into a heart-shaped sheet the same size as the leaves on the first hanger and a curly stem that came off the leaf. To hold this part of the wreath together, I bent a hook near the bottom of the open part of the heart and hooked the heart shape together. Then I squeezed the hook as tight as I could get it with my pliers.

The two leaf hanger was a little trickier. I again bent a hook on a small section of the lower open part of one of the hearts with my pliers. I hooked the straight side of the heart in the middle, then slid the open end of the other heart into the hook and squeezed the hook as hard as I could. It was pretty easy because the open end of the other heart was curly so it fit snugly into the hook and stayed in place.

There was enough space in the hook I had just made with two leaves on the hanger to slide the stem part of the other hanger through.

Then I completely wrapped the top of the stem just below the bottom of the heart around the entire hook and curled it as tightly as I could so the whole shamrock was held together pretty securely.

So it looks addicting and held together. It’s still a little thin and pliable. And wow is my floor dirty!

The next step is to wrap the hangers in quilting. I cut the cotton wool into strips 2 inches long and wrapped the whole thing up. I hot taped the ends to the batting to secure them in place.

Then I took out my ribbon to wrap something else. I wanted a green burlap ribbon but couldn’t find one. However, I pretty much found the perfect comparable tape at Walmart. The quilt eyelash was very forgiving when you have thicker and thinner areas (like me). You can put more pressure on the thicker parts to make everything look even.

When I got to the end of the stem, I cut a small piece of tape, put it on the top, and hot glued the sides. I then finished wrapping myself around it and glued the end hot on my back.

I tied a pretty ribbon around the middle, mainly to cover where the green ribbon crossed, as a pretty bow looks a lot better than the mess of a crossed ribbon

This wreath has cost me about $ 8 since I bought a premium ribbon. It’s exactly the St. Patty’s Day wreath that I imagined! To see a full tutorial visit my blog ­čÖé

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