Recycle your avocado clams into art

Mart 21, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

Avocados are a wonderful fruit, and their uses don’t stop when you eat them. You can use the bowls for crafting and coloring.

To use the avocado skins in making, your best bet is to start with a very ripe avocado. Remove the meat (I used mine for avocado cupcakes and an avocado buttercream frosting). It’s important to make sure the skins are completely free of avocado residue. However, this is easy to do if they are ripe to begin with.

The skins were placed in a low temperature oven and baked for approximately 90 minutes. Once cooled, they were painted white and accented with pink and black to make the cute little bunny you see above.

I just glued the bunny pieces to the burlap and was ready to frame it!

You can see the full instructions in my post (link below).

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