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Let’s talk about popular Sherwin Williams grey cabinet colors. It’s important to find the best gray color for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, or any cabinets, and we’ve got just what you need to do that.

Sherwin Williams grey cabinet colors

Gray paint colors are becoming more popular, so we decided to bring you the best Sherwin Williams grey cabinet colors. Whether you prefer warm tones or cool tones, there is a perfect colour for you!

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Grey has been a popular color for years and will keep trending. If you have been loving it as much as we do, this is the perfect post for you!


What are the most popular Sherwin Williams gray cabinet paint colors? After doing research here is a list of the most trending colors for 2021.

What is the most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2021?

The most popular kitchen cabinet color for 2021 is white and gray. Warm tones are creeping back into our homes but grey is still going to play a big part especially warm grays. We are seeing fewer white cabinets and more gray but color is trending too especially using it as accents like on the island or range hood.


Sherwin Williams popular repose grey cabinets by Finding Lovely

Have you ever seen my friend Jackies’ Instagram at Finding_lovely? Her home is gorgeous!! She used Repose Gray SW 7015 by Sherwin Williams on her kitchen cabinets.

Repose Gray is a great neutral color. It sits between light and medium on the greyscale and shows off a nice contrast with white. It looks amazing anywhere in your home!


Popular Sherwin Williams Grey cabinet color that match a diamond patterned backsplash with light wooden shelves

Krystal, from The Smitten Collective, painted her cabinets Agreeable Gray 7029 by Sherwin Williams. Doesn’t the gray look so good with her beautiful backsplash!

Agreeable gray has a warm undertone but still has a grayish appearance. It is a light grey color and still has a nice contrast with white. If you have several whites in your kitchen this is a good gray for cabinets.


Dorian grey popular Sherwin Williams cabinet colors. A matching oven hood, fern wreath above the stove with a beautiful white granite island in the middle

My friend Elenie, from Anna Creek Cottage, used Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray on her kitchen cabinets. Dorian Gray has a unique undertone because it is has a touch of purple which gives it a slightly warm touch. It sites between light and medium on the gray value and has a nice contrast with white whites.

Elenie’s home is beautiful!! If you love her kitchen you will love the rest of her house.


Popular Sherwin Williams black paint color for cabinets.  Iron Ore high glass cabinets.

This beautiful kitchen, on WDesign website, is painted Sherwin Williams Iron Ore. If you are looking for black cabinets then this is a great color.

Iron ore reminds me of oil rubbed bronze. The bronze that looks like black but isn’t black black. Iron Ore is a gorgeous black color and look fabulous on cabinets.

These cabinets are painted in a high gloss which you do not see very often. It looks amazing!!


Popular Sherwin Williams cabinet colors, anew gray. A beautiful kitchen with gold dome hanging lights with matching gold accessories in this kitchen.
Popular Sherwin Williams cabinet colors, anew gray. A beautiful kitchen with gold dome hanging lights with matching gold accessories in this kitchen.

This kitchen is designed by Tobi Fairley and the cabinets are Sherwin Williams Anew Gray.

Anew gray is one shade lighter than agreeable gray. It has a warm undertone and site between light and medium on the greyscale. As you can see in the photo it has a nice contrast with white if you look at it next to the chairs.

This kitchen is beautiful with all of the gold accents!


Cabinets painted with worldly gray. With beautiful gold handles and a matching gray marble kitchen island

This beautiful gray cabinet color is on the Home Bunch website and is painted with Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray. Worldly gray has red, green and blue hues mixed into it where all three percentages are closely together but I feel it leans slightly on the warm undertone side when looking at the sample.

Worldly gray is a lovely color for cabinets for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. It is a light to medium tone.

This beautiful kitchen also has Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik 7602. They look amazing together!


Sherwin Willaims Mindful Gray painted cabinets with rose gold hanging lights with wooden bench stools. A beautiful Marble island in the middle

The Hartsell’s over at Down Town Acres on Instagram painted this beautiful kitchen Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. Mindful gray is a light to medium warm gray. It’s a great color for cabinets especially if you pair it with white countertops.

The Hartsell’s have a great instagram full of decor ideas. You will be inspired!


Sherwin Williams kitchen cabinet paint color First Star in farmhouse kitchen

Here at Life on Summerhill, we recently painted our stained cabinets. The paint color we chose was Sherwin Williams First Star.

When I started looking for a paint color I knew I wanted a white color but I also had white countertops, white subway tile backsplash and white appliance. Needless to say I already had a lot of white going on.

To combate all the white I first thought I would use repose gray but when the color came in it was to dark to call it white cabinets. So I worked with Sherwin Williams to cut the color until I got it just like I wanted it. But when I pulled my SW paint chips out I discovered that Sherwin Williams already had a white-gray called First Star.

Well, the story gets even more interesting because when I started doing my research for the most popular paint color of 2021 guess who showed up on the list. That’s right–First Star.

First star is a cool white with almost equal amounts of red and green so it doesn’t read warm or cool. As you can tell from the photo it is the lightest tone on the value scale but not quite white. It offers a tiny bit of contrast with white which worked nicely in this kitchen which already had lots of white.

Other paint colors in our kitchen are in paint colors at Life on Summerhill.


Our friends have chosen some of the most beautiful and popular Sherwin Williams grey cabinet colors. We hope you think so too!

After you pick out your favorite gray color for your cabinet and if you are thinking about revamping your cabinets in your own home, check out my How to Paint Cabinets without Sanding. In this post, we share our painter’s secret recipe on painting cabinets where they turn out amazing.

Did you find a gray color for you cabinets? Let us know what color you are planning to use!

Happy Decorating!