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Giving mother the perfect gift on Mother’s Day is not always easy. She has spoiled you over the years, and it’s hard to give a gift that keeps up. We hope to make this choice a little less stressful this year with our Best Mother’s Day Gift Guide of 2021.

Mother's Day gift ideas, including front door wreaths and glassware

We hope that in this Mother’s Day gift guide we can take some of the guesswork out of reaching your mom by sharing the best gift ideas. So far in 2021 we’ve come across many great ideas for giving mom gifts, but these gifts are our personal favorites and we’re sure mom will love them too.

Each of these gifts come straight from the heart and we know your mom would love them!

This post contains affiliate links. That means I will earn a commission every time you make a purchase using the links below. All opinions are my own.


The only difficult place we think you will be on this Mother’s Day is choosing just one, two, or even three gifts to give your mother.

So grab a sibling, spouse, and wallet and get ready to dive into this Mother’s Day gift guide.


Mother's Day gift guide The Hare & The Hart apron

Amy and her daughter Maddie join in The hare & the deerare incredibly talented. Maddie, who loves to paint, created this adorable bunny character. Amy is in love with French toile, so she designed this Tallahassee-themed toilet apron.

We couldn’t choose one or the other because the two are so different and we know many different personalities in our church.

So, you choose!

What would your mother like to bake her heart in?

Something else about The Hare & The Hart; They have a local business in Thomasville, GA! Those of you here in Thomasville are watching their goodies face to face. But don’t be sad, friends who are not in the neighborhood! You can still shop online!


Mother's Day gift guide lambs ear wreath

Wreaths Make great gifts for mom and one of our favorite stores The strange door.

Debra and her team make it beautiful wreaths and it has a lot of variety. A couple of favorites that I think you will love are their simple lamb ear wreath and this French lavender style wreath below.

French lavender basket wreath gift idea for Mother's Day

Framed prints

Here’s a homemade idea that your mom will love. We have a Etsy shopping with tons of printable wall art cheap. We are currently releasing a number of Month of birth floral prints. They are beautiful and fit into all home design styles.

It would be so cute to print each of your kids Birth month flowers frame them in a size of 5 x 7 and fasten them together with tape so that it hangs on the wall.

There are many more print designs to choose from, so enjoy shopping in ours Etsy buy something special for mom.

Home Decor Subscription Box

Did you hear the hype monthly subscription boxes?

If not, we have a company that you will be enthusiastic about!

Carver Junk Company Box is a Subscription box filled with a lovely, high quality range of the latest farmhouse Christmas decor goodies! Your boxes come quarterly.

Christmas decoration subscription box Mother's Day gift guide

If mom isn’t into home decor then we’ve still got you covered. Cratejoy has any kind of Subscription box you can imagine. I’m sure you will find something for mom there, from plants to candles.

Boho Craft Abo Box Mother's Day Gift Guide

Your mom will love this gift idea when she receives a box of decorations for home and vacation.

Plant Subscription Box Mother's Day Gift Guide

To update: Cratejoy offers a discount of 30% on subscriptions from 3 months with Code MOMLOVE30.

Ceramic cookware

No toxic cookware mothers day gift idea

These Cookware line from caraway seeds is just perfect for every mother!

They are made of naturally smooth ceramic and even have a non-stick coating. With a range of natural colors you can find the perfect one. The cookware itself is produced in an environmentally friendly way and delivered in biodegradable cardboard boxes. How cool is that!

Your mother will defiantly fall in love with a brand new cookware from Caraway seed.

Update: I’m really excited that Caraway is offering an exclusive 10% discount on all purchases from April 10th to May 9th when you click Mother’s Day discount at Caraway.


Outdoor rug gift idea for Mother's Day

Mark & ​​Day has the best selection of home accessories, but the carpets your mom will love. I recently got this outdoor rug for our porch and we love it.

Their color choices are so amazing you will find the perfect rug of color, style and size for your mom!

they also have Carpets that are washableand their prices are amazing! You definitely don’t want to miss this opportunity to get your mother a nice new rug.

Diffusers for essential oils

Gift ideas for diffusers with essential oils from Ellia

If you are looking for a way to help your mom relax this Mother’s Day, this is a perfect gift!

Ellia diffusers and essential oils are so cute and petite that they fit almost anywhere and this one is not electric. They’re great for your desk, bedside table, bathroom, or any other tiny room.

Your mom will love this Mother’s Day gift!

Home Decor and Hospitality Books

Home Stories Book by Kim Leggett Mother's Day Gift Idea

Kim Leggett’s new book just came out and I fell in love with it, so I couldn’t wait to add it to this Mother’s Day gift guide. Main stories is perfect if your mom loves everything vintage and home decor related.

The author walks through her own homes as well as her own, telling the story behind vintage furniture. Isn’t that so cool? It is so fun to read and so interesting to learn about the unique history of each piece.

Your mother is sure to fall in love with this book like me.

Reese Witherspoon whiskey in a teacup gift idea for Mother's Day

Another favorite book I couldn’t cross off the list is Reese Witherspoon’s Whiskey in a teacup. This is another treat! Something about this book makes you smile, feels special, and I have a feeling your mom will love it.

You may want to buy two copies because I feel like you want to go ahead for yourself. LOL!

French glassware

La Roschere bee collection. Glassware. Mother's day gift idea

Last spring I created a table landscape with these beautiful pictures La Roschere bee collecting jars. I was very surprised at how many people fell in love with them and wanted more information, so I couldn’t wait to get them featured in this Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Probably the coolest thing about these glasses and the bee embossed on them is that the France-based company was founded in 1475. I love decorations with history and these glasses have a long history.

You can find them on La Roschere website, Amazon or in this adorable online store called The prepared table.

Robot vacuum

Neato vacuum robot mothers day gift idea

A NEATO robotic vacuum cleaner makes a perfect gift for a busy mother.

This vacuum makes life so much easier and uses technology to map your home to work more efficiently. The square edge creates where it can get into all of the little nooks and crannies in your home.

I love mine and I know your mother will love hers!

French market basket

French shopping cart gift idea for Mother's Day

Mom will love this French shopping cart especially when it’s filled with goodies. These baskets are so handy to have around the house. I use mine to pick flowers and antiques.

You can make a cute tassel to go on the basket with mine how to make a thread tassel Tutorial. Mom will love that there is something homemade on her basket that you designed with love.


We hope and pray that you will feel inspired to let your mother know how much she means to you. This Mother’s Day Gift Guide was put together from our hearts and the small businesses out there that have beauty in every item.

If you want more gift ideas, check this out I love you gifts for her. These gifts circle how much you love them.

Let us know what you are spoiling your mom with this year!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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