Mason jar Blue Headboard Bench

Mart 21, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

Ok … SPOILER ALERT … well, this bank is not 100% finished yet. However, the initial assembly takes about 44 seconds when the cups are on the floor. I realized belatedly that I shouldn’t have started with the already-spaced cups so let’s call it a minute instead. All of the parts I use come as is and ready to go to Lowes / Home Depot, Target, and the craft stores. Absolutely no cutting is required when building this bench. I used 2 steps of stairs, 2 boxes, and 6 heavy duty plastic storage cups. Could it be easier? Once I paint and stain it and decide what needs to be permanently attached, I’ll update this tutorial. Right now this is just an idea that was too good to share with all of you! You can find new ways to update this look at http: // !!!! The folks in the wood department at Home Depot took the time to analyze my bench and give me their opinion on how sturdy it is and how much weight it will support. In the following I have interpreted their analysis. They said the up / down weight is not the problem. The stairs on the wooden boxes carried like my picture would carry a lot of weight. Possibly even up to 800 pounds to 900 pounds. Stair treads are specially designed to withstand a lot of weight. They told me the boards won’t break. The weakest part of this bench is when there is side-to-side movement, also known as horsin ‘around. Two adults shooting back and forth are at the weakest point. To make this super strong, they suggested tension bolts for a secure hold. I think wood screws and wood glue will likely aid most people’s general uses of this bench, but turn to the experts for more advice !! Get excited for a new bank made entirely of Home Depot items. Not sponsored by them in any way … just was there and I’ve wanted to build another bank for a while.