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A few years ago someone gave me one of those plastic-coated press boards that looked like wooden dressers and they grew from cigarette smoke. But I pretty much take anything that’s free! I decided to reuse the drawers instead of trying to do anything with the whole piece.

Wouldn’t you agree that window boxes brighten up a home ?! I felt that my home was in dire need of something.

Use the drawers of an old dresser

The dresser is sad, cheap in front of the state.

Cut off the back

The first year I used this, we cut off the back half and bolted it to the house, lining the pressboard drawers with plastic. It was autumn so I put some pretty dried weeds from the trench in some stryofoam and called it good.

Paint drawers

The press board obviously warped and didn’t look too good next summer … so we improved it:

Add wooden clips and long planters

I found these long plastic planters on a curb for free (I know you wonder how I get it all for free, but it just happens!) And we used wooden clips (free too, because they were scrap from the end of the beams for ours) Pergola) that we screwed into the house to put the planters on.

Add flowers

Since we recently moved to another home, I unfortunately don’t have any window boxes yet. I would also need a lot more because there are so many windows on the front of our new house. We will see! Maybe it’s a project for this summer. Or next …

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