Ikea Wood Hangers Transformed Into Shabby Chic French Hangers

Mart 21, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

I love anything that looks like an old world and I have always admired the old looking concrete water troughs that I have seen all over Europe. Many of them have been converted into garden art or planters that grace the gardens and town squares of picturesque villages. But here, concrete troughs usually have three main drawbacks: they are difficult to find, they are expensive, and they are very heavy. Today I’m sharing how I recently made my own “old”, lightweight (ish) concrete tub. Start with a styrofoam box This project is not my idea. I found the method in a magazine years ago – most likely Better Homes and Gardens or Martha Stewart Living. What I loved about it was that these concrete-wrapped styrofoam planters were lighter than similar planters made entirely of concrete. And it seemed like a great way to reuse a styrofoam container. When I first came across the magazine article, I tried a small rectangular styrofoam box. After many years, this smaller concrete planter is still holding up very well (although it’s actually too small to be of any practical use and has been relegated to the no man’s land behind the garage). For this most recent project, however, I used a much larger styrofoam shipping box that had been taking up space in our basement for some time. I had saved it because at 32 “x 13 x 10” it was just the right size to serve as the inner core for a small concrete tub.