How to plant wheatgrass for spring decor

Mart 21, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

Wheatgrass is super easy to grow, grows quickly, and is great for indoor pots. I love adding it to my spring decor, the March green bang is so invigorating after the bleak winter. You can have a good level of wheatgrass in 10 days.

Potting soil in any container you want grass in. Sprinkle in the wheatgrass seeds – you can spread them much thicker if you prefer. A little bit of earth on top, but just a little bit of scattering. You should see some more seeds. Pour with a spray bottle and spray generously three times a day until the sprouts start, then water as needed.
Wheatgrass seeds can be bought at a health food store or from a local farmer!

I wanted some wheatgrass in my little hanging basket so I got a little creative and made it happen.
A ziplock bag in the basket was the perfect base to add potting soil, water, and seeds.

When the wheatgrass gets big enough to fall, I tie it together with a baker’s string.
We also cut it and add it to our fruit smoothies – it’s a great healthy addition!
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