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A step-by-step guide on how to organize clothes by color. After years of organizing clothes in closets for clients, here are my tips and tricks to make your closet more functional, prettier, and easier to find what you need.

how to sort clothes by color

Learning how to organize clothes by color is probably the most important thing you can do to make your closet more functional and look stunning. There are other tricks that can make it look beautiful and I can’t wait to share them with you after we talk about organizing colors.

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How to organize clothes by color

There is no way to organize clothes in a closet. This becomes clear when you look at other organizing landmarks like Marie Kondo and Marie Kondo The home editing. They all have great ideas! But the color coding of clothes is the only thing I found that makes finding clothes, pants, etc. a lot easier.

Let’s start by arranging your closet by color.

Share clothes

When you start organizing your clothes in the closet, divide them into piles of dresses, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, pants, shorts, jackets and sweaters, skirts, etc.

This is a great time to clean clothes. If you haven’t worn it in years, it may be time to say goodbye. Start a batch for goodwill or wherever you donate clothes.

Arrange clothes in the closet in rainbow order

This is where it starts to be fun. Start with a stack and put it back on the pole. Then organize in that order. White, light brown, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, purple, brown, gray, and black.

Organize fabric by rainbow colors

An easy way to remember this is to start with white and tan, then rainbow colors, and end with gray and black. Even if you organize within a color sorting from light to dark. For example, these blue shirts flow from light to dark blue.

Organize clothes by color

Next, take the next pile of clothes and keep sorting the pieces into a rainbow arrangement.

How to organize patterns by color

This part can be tricky, but I have two solutions that will help. First, step back and ask yourself what the main color is the garment. In other words, what color does it read when you step back from it.

How to organize patterns

This Lilly Pulitzer dress is many colors but the background is pink so it is stacked with pink.

Another option is to separate your patterns from your solids. Arrange all of your bodies by color, then place all of the patterns at the end.

how to sort clothes by color

I like matching patterns with the solids, but I’ve organized the short sleeve dresses with the patterns at the end to give you an example. I also like to organize sleeveless dresses first, then short-sleeved dresses, long-sleeved dresses and finally all long dresses.

This is how to make your closet look nice and organized

Now that you know how to organize by color, let’s talk about how to make your closet look pretty.

Probably the most important thing you can do to achieve a professionally organized wardrobe look is getting hangers that are the same color and type. I especially love Wooden hangers because they are thicker and keep the clothes nicely separated.

Wooden hangers are great for organizing fabrics

Do not do one Wooden hangers look great in a closet?

My daughter has a very small closet Wooden hangers is not the best choice for them like that felt hangers in the same color works better. You see that felt hangers is thinner, which means it can fit more clothes in her small closet.

Another treat to help is hanging a large bag on a hanger and tucking smaller purses in the large bag. This is a trick for smaller walk-in closets with no shelf space.

Keep purses in a large bag and hang them in your closet

Best paint colors for Closet

The best colors for closets are white and light neutrals. I especially love Alabaster White by Sherwin Williams paint. It’s a lovely soft white that all the colors of your clothes can use to show exactly what they’re supposed to be.

Alabaster color in the closet

Other colors to consider are pure white, additional white, kilim beige, and approachable beige Sherwin Williams Colours. The last two colors are light brown and gray, but they are good neutral colors that don’t read a specific color.

If you need more ideas, give it a try popular Sherwin Williams paint colors.

Best lighting for closets

Lighting can make a huge difference in the colors of your clothes. For example, a glowing warm lightbulb casts a yellow hue on your clothes, while an LED cooling bulb has a cool hue.

Closet ceiling light

I recommend using an LED or fluorescent lamp when choosing a lamp for the ceiling light as it does not generate heat. This is ideal if your closet is walk-in and you plan to move there.

Also, flip the lamp box over and look at the table of lighting data. Then go to the Light Appearance section. This is a sliding scale from warm to cold. I have a cool LED light at 5000k in my closet.

5000k a pure light like sunlight on a bright day that helps the colors of your clothes read exactly what you are supposed to read.

Finally, let’s talk about how bright your light should be. It all depends on how big our closet is. My closet is a smaller galley style walk-in closet. I have a light in the middle, so I chose the 75 watt LED daylight lamp.

Ceiling lamp in the closet with lampshade

If you are used to warming lightbulbs, say what you are used to.

Cupboard and shelf lighting

Now that you’ve organized all of your hanging clothes on shelves, closets, and drawers, let’s look at simple ways to add light to darker areas.

I use battery operated puck lights these are battery operated to light up my closet shelves. I don’t think I need them all the time, but sometimes they are really useful.

Just determine where those dark places are and glue those Puck lights on top of the shelf. Once you have them all installed, simply clip your remover next to your light switch and, like magic, you have shelf and cabinet lighting.

Best cabinet decorations

Now that everything in your closets is lit and organized, let’s add decorations. Look for functional decor like a Bank This is very convenient to wear. Here is a easy DIY bench You can do it for your closet.

Decorations for organized small walk-in closet

If you want to add character to your closet, create one DIY faux beadboard or a ship’s hatch on a wall. This is a very simple project and I will be posting a DIY post shortly.

Faux beadboard on the wall in the organized closet

Another great idea is the free wall art to decorate the walls if there is room for it. I recently created one Etsy shop with these botanicals and many more that you can print and incorporate into your decor.

Digital wall art in the small walk-in closet

Baskets are also very handy for closets and they look pretty too. i use that French shopping cart All the time on trips and it’s a great place to keep belts, scarves or anything smaller that needs a space.

Organize with baskets in a closet

And they are very functional on shelves too.

Basket storage on the shelf in the organized closet

Lastly, add a rug to your small or large walk-in closet to spruce up. It’s very important when you have wooden floors. But if you have carpet, you are still considering a carpet to add character to your small space.

White carpet in the closet


Well, that pretty much sums up how to organize cabinets by color and other professional tips and tricks for organizing and making pretty cabinets. I hope this post has inspired you to tackle your closet and give it a few extra details that make it a lovely place to dress up every day.

Organize clothes by color in a small walk-in closet

Here are a few more photos and details about our wardrobe. And a voucher for half of all printouts in mine Etsy shop. Just use it COLOR50 When you check out you will receive a 50% discount on your first order.

Again, I hope you enjoyed this post and if you need help organizing other areas of your home, give it a try Organize the kitchen zone and how you can help organize your linen cupboard Organize Pinterest.

Have fun decorating!

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