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Here are instructions on how to make a heart-shaped wreath. This easy DIY Valentine Dollar Tree wreath is cheap to make and looks great.

Heart-shaped DIY dollar tree wreath

I love adding Christmas wreaths on our little patio door and after finishing this wreath I couldn’t wait to show you how to make a heart shaped wreath with dollar tree objects.

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I am so excited to share this DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath. Let’s get some supplies and get started.


Supplies for a DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath
  • Dollar tree heart wreath
  • scissors
  • Green (I found this fake eucalyptus in the flower department at Walmart, but I found this one Eucalyptus stems at Amazon)
  • Flowers (I found these little peonies at Walmart in the flower department. I couldn’t find any online, but there are many options Etsy, and Michaels)
  • Glue gun and glue
  • cable ties


Now that you have all of the supplies, first cut off any foil from the frame


Take your scissors and start to cut a small area of ​​the foil. Once you get to the frame, cut off the piece of wire that the foil is attached to.

Cut Foil from a Dollar Tree Valentine Heart Wreath

After the tiny wire is cut, unwrap the foil garland around the frame.

Unwrap the foil from the Dollar Tree heart-shaped Valentine's Day wreath

I discovered that this frame was plastic, pink, and had teeth. I removed the stuff that was sticking out after making the wreath. But learn from me I would remove the teeth before I started adding green.

How to Make a Heart Shaped Wreath with a Dollar Tree Foil Wreath

Another thing that will be nice is to paint the frame gold or silver with spray paint. The pink looks nice, but I think gold would be very pretty.

Attach the green to the heart wreath

Now take a piece of green and use that wire cutter cut off the end near the point where the branches shoot. Then, starting at the bottom of the heart, place the green piece on the frame and zip it to the frame.

Add greenery to this DIY dollar tree heart wreath

Repeat this process moving around the heart shape and tucking the next green branch you can cut under the last piece of green.

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath

Keep moving around the heart and tie the zipper wherever the green needs help curving with the frame.

Curve green around the frame of a heart wreath

When you get down to the bottom make sure to place the green so you don’t see the end. Put it under where you started.

How to Make a Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath

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Add flowers for Valentine’s Day

Next, start pruning and positioning the flowers. Just cut the stem off the flowers.

Then add glue along the base and glue it into the green. I started with the bigger flower first.

DIY Dollar Tree floral wreath for Valentine's Day

Then add the smaller peonies on the side with a total of three peonies.

Glue dollar tree flowers onto a DIY farmhouse Valentine wreath
Put small flowers under larger flower on a heart wreath

Next I added short stalks of the baby’s breath that the end in some glue out of the Glue gun then put it on the plate under the flowers.

Adding baby's breath among peonies on DIY dollar tree wreath

As soon as I got a few stems under the flowers, I repeated this step, moving up and down the side of the heart under the peonies.

Dollar Tree DIY Valentine's Day Wreath

I didn’t add flowers to the other side of the heart.

DIY Dollar Tree heart-shaped floral wreath

Lastly, take all the green pieces or cut leaves from the stems and tape them over all of them cable ties show that.

Heart wreath

Guess what? The wreath is ready!

Heart-shaped DIY dollar tree wreath


Lastly, it just happened that there was a hole in the top center for hanging this DIY dollar tree Valentine’s Day wreath. So I just ran white tape through the hole and hung it with mine how to hang a wreath with ribbon Technology.

You can also create several and hang them on your windows with my how to hang wreaths on windows Technology.

Shopping for wreaths: tap the images below to shop


Now that you know how to make a heart-shaped wreath out of Dollar Tree or Dollar Store items, I’ve hung our wreath here.

Dollar Tree DIY heart-shaped floral wreath that hangs on a front door

I love how this DIY Dollar Tree Valentine wreath turned out !! I planned to put it on my front door, but honestly, by the time I finished, I knew the perfect spot was on my blue door.

Flower wreath for Valentine's Day on a door

Now I have to finish decorating my little porch with Valentine decorations. Update: I finished decorating our porch, and here are those Valentine’s Day porch decor ideas.

Hope you enjoyed this Valentine DIY. If you make this wreath I would love to see how it turns out.

Have fun decorating!

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Yield: 1

DIY Dollar Tree Valentine Wreath

How to make a heart-shaped wreath for Valentine’s Day with dollar tree accessories. Simple step-by-step instructions for this DIY wreath to hang on your front door or in your home.

Preparation time
30 minutes

Active time
1 hour 30 minutes

Extra time
30 minutes

total time
2 hours 30 minutes



  • Dollar Tree heart wreath, artificial green stems (I used eucalyptus), 3 peony flowers, cable ties, White tape


  1. Cut the foil and unwrap it from a dollar tree heart wreath
  2. Cut off anything on the frame that needs to be removed
  3. Remove a stem with the wire cutter by cutting near the stem.
  4. Starting at the bottom of the heart, place the stem and zip it to the frame
  5. Repeat this step by tucking the next piece under the piece you just tied and zipping the new stem onto the frame.
  6. Keep adding green stems to the frame that move around the heart and use them cable ties to adapt it to the shape of the heart.
  7. When you get to the end, trim the green to fit in the last section so it fits nicely.
  8. Next, cut a peony flower at the base of the flower.
  9. Then add a few dabs of glue to that Glue gun and glue the flower into the green starting with the middle peony.
  10. Next, cut the smaller peonies and glue them to each side.
  11. Now add the cutting of the baby’s breath and tuck it under the peonies on each side.
  12. Then keep adding baby breath above and below the peonies, following the shape of the heart as you go.
  13. Do not go beyond the center of the heart. The flowers are only on one side of the heart.
  14. Next add tape and hang your dollar tree flowers valentine wreath,


More details in the blog post on hanging the wreath.

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