How to decouple a bread basket

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I don’t often bake bread, but when I do I always look for something to bring it into a breakfast and dinner time. I recently picked up some baskets and decorative paper napkins from the dollar tree and immediately knew what I was going to do. A decoupage bread basket!

It is really a simple and easy project. All you need is a basket, decorative napkins, white glue, water and a sponge. . . all available in the Dollar Tree.
A full tutorial can be found at:

First, separate the white paper backing from the printed side of the napkin. Place the printed napkin face up on the basket. Moisten the sponge with water and gently tap the napkin, filling all areas of the basket one by one.

Let dry. Cut off excess napkin paper. After drying, mix one part white glue with 1/4 part water. Apply the mixture all over the napkin with a sponge and dry. You can seal the basket with high gloss varnish on the outside if you want, but I don’t know of any sealant that is food safe.

This method of using water and a sponge to apply the napkin is quick and easy. And I found wrinkles to a minimum. After drying, the mixture of glue and water continues smoothly as decoupage with a sponge.

With this technique, there are so many ways to inexpensively uncouple many dollar shopping baskets and decorative napkins for everyday home use and special occasions.

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