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I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of these ladder gardens on Pinterest, along with other great ideas for DIY planters and small garden beds. After seeing so much inspiration, I decided to turn this old ladder into a beautiful herb garden to place right next to my back door.
This ladder belonged to my grandfather and he gave it to me years ago for another DIY project I had thought of, but instead it stood by the wall in our shed for a few years. We used it a couple of times but it really wasn’t sturdy and safe to stand on.

I decided to find pots and planters that would fit on the ladder before I started painting. I found a Deck Box Planter that would fit securely over the bottom tier and because I needed more space to plant things like rosemary … which is essential in my herb garden! I also picked up a few other pots at my local garden center and found a hanging pot that I could use in the open space in the back.
After priming, I painted it with Valspar Encounter Satin spray paint. I absolutely love the color and it really stands out against the brick.

I decided to use up as much space as possible and add a leftover board that we had to put across the floor to store dirt and other gadgets. I used some leftover deck railings under the board to keep it stable. The cap can seal tightly to store the soil, and it’s a nice place to potting. I just bought a couple of S-hooks from Lowe to hang my handheld gardening tools just above the can.

I know my grandfather would be happy because it was his old leader and he loved gardening.

This was such a fun project and it’s so convenient to step right out the back door while I cook and cut the herbs I need to prepare my dishes. The ladder is nice because it really doesn’t take up a lot of deck space and would be good for those who don’t have enough space to plant in the yard.

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