Garden Shed became a Tiki Bar

Mart 21, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

Here is a garden shed that I built that my wife convinced me should be a TIKI bar. As you can see, the project has gotten out of hand. Like most projects, it started out of necessity. It was a lot of fun because we kept coming up with new ideas for add-ons. It has become a wonderful outdoor living space for relaxing and entertaining. I apologize for the lack of photos during construction and promise to do better in future posts. The numbers on this project may not apply to you. I worked alone and only addressed the shed / bar itself. Not the deck, pavement, plants, etc. I had some supplies on hand, so I wasn’t out of my pocket for the full amount. It wasn’t a difficult project, but you will need carpentry skills and tools.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos showing where I leveled the ground gravel and then leveled the concrete blocks to put my floor joists in place. It is 4’x10 ‘has a sloping sheet metal roof and a ceiling height of 7’.

When building something like this, just think of a big box. Frame was 2×4 PT wood siding T-111. I used PT 3/4 “plywood for the floor, which is fine for the interior, not the porch. That should have been PT decking.

The 2-seater bar has a flip-up door with sliding screws for safety. I made the door frame out of 2x4s and covered it on the same siding. It has a slide bolt and a padlock reel. We added more terraces to free up space.

Posts and a recycled rope were used for the railing. A bench, signs, and do-dads were added as we moved on. I worked with the existing soil to create plant beds.

This view is from the deck of the cabin. As I said, it just went on and on! I will post some information about laying the paving stones in the future.

So here it is some time later. Weathered and looking like it’s always been there. You can see the pop-up window is closed here.

Winter 2010 – Not a fun place in winter!


But spring is always just around the corner.

We’re back in Nashville for a while so I had access to the other photos I had – here they are.

That’s what I meant by the project that goes on and on.

She wanted to grow some grapes.

I have to say the woman had a good vision!

Don’t you love the way things look so clean and clear after a rain?

When cleaned and trimmed, it’s a nice looking area.

It looks good in the summer months.