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Mart 20, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

I bought these wagon wheels on a whim and leaned against our storage shed in what appears to be a small neglected area of ​​our yard. I knew it was time to do something here. For a few days I just stared at them, thinking about how much they looked like clocks, but I sure didn’t need an outdoor clock, let alone two clocks. Then I remembered seeing various wall gardens online and in magazines. So I decided to give it a try.

I rummaged around in the flower shed looking for something that looked like clock hands and found those old herbal markers. When I chose herbal clocks, I knew I needed numbers, so I went shopping and came home with numbers, letters, landscape fabric, and burlap. I also bought a variety of herbs and some 12 inch coco liners. I wasn’t sure how I was going to put this all together, but I thought I would cross that bridge when I got around to it.

The letters and numbers have a sticky back, but I glued them on with a toothpick as they come in contact with the watering of the herbs.

I took the 12 inch coco liners, wrapped them around various spokes, and pinned them in place, turning the wheel occasionally to make sure all the bags were upright.

I cut two pieces of burlap and a piece of landscape fabric using my wheel as a guide. I put the landscape fabric between the two sackcloths and pinned it all around.

While looking for screws to attach to the shed wall to hang the clocks on, I found these two leftover drawer pulls from another project. Achieved !!! My husband made these wooden plugs to fit the center holes on the wheels. Who knew! I never thought I’d do that. He drilled holes in the herb markers and attached the clock hands for me. I don’t know what I would do without him!

I’ve always been a hit and miss gardener so not sure how these herbal clocks will work, but I think only thyme will tell. Heheh, I’m sorry, that was really bad! lol. Our back deck isn’t far from this little area, and it’s so nice to look in that direction now and not flinch.

I really enjoyed sharing my herbal clocks with all of you! Now I have to learn to use herbs. Oh no, that means cooking!