English teapot, teacup and saucer Garden Stakes

Mart 20, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

I love … love … love my English teapot garden stake !. I found my teapot at my local flea market and then drove to the nearest hardware store to buy my threaded bottom flange and the 1/2-inch copper tubing.

I used a strong epoxy glue to glue the threaded bottom flange to the bottom of the teapot. You will also need to glue the lid on the teapot to keep it from falling off.

A 45 degree copper fitting is then screwed onto the flange and copper tubing.

I glued a crystal teardrop from a chandelier into the spout of the teapot. For the tea cup, I glued the cup to the saucer and, after drying, glued the saucer to the bottom of a clear flower vase. When the vase was dry, I set the vase over the Cooper stake. The vase gives the saucer more stability.

The finished project! I love how it turned out! … Instead of putting the teacup and saucer pole right in the ground, I’m going to put them in a clay pot filled with pink impatient flowers. I look forward to this flowerbed coming to life over the next few months.