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I love candles and the wonderful ambient light they emit. Inspired by one of nature’s most attractive shapes, I decided to make candles with empty eggshells and I am delighted with the end result.

Here are the finished candles. For my first attempt at making candles, I think they are perfect. lol.

I started by poking a hole in my balls with a knife. I discovered that a screwdriver worked better towards the end, but anything that makes a hole in the top will work. Then I poured out the egg whites and yolks and rinsed them out. I let these dry all day.

I picked up candle wax at Michaels which is specially designed to be poured into molds. I’m not sure I could use an old candle and melt it. I can try next time as the candle wax was $ 11.99. A bit expensive for my blood but thought I should use the right materials for the first time. I melted the wax in a rinsed fruit salad can. It acted as a double boiler. You can also see my little sink that I molded which was handy when it came to pouring the wax.

After the wax melted, I used an over-glove to hold the can and carefully poured it into my eggshell molds.

Here is a close-up of the wax as soon as it started to solidify (around 5-10 mins). I used white birthday candles for the wick.

I just put the birthday candle in the wax when it started to harden a little.

I put my eggs in the fridge for about an hour and then just peeled off the eggshell.

Here is a close-up of my finished candles. Only four of them made it as I had to scrap one of them as the wax was sticking too much to the inside of the shell.

I had to melt a bit of wax on them to light them properly, but once that was done they were perfectly fine.

I used a knife to flatten the floor and make them stand straight.

That’s it for my egg candle making guide. I’m super excited to be using these as an Easter decor this year, and I plan to do a few more for next year.
Happy Easter everyone !!!!! You can find more Easter decoration ideas on my blog.

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