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Here is a simple DIY idea for printing Mother’s Day flowers that is easy to do. Mom will love hanging them on the wall with her home decor. Use a flower print for the month of birth, a dollar tree frame, and a few other materials to create this cheap homemade Mother’s Day gift.

Printable mothers day gift idea birth month flower wall art

This cute Mother’s Day flower printable DIY is charming and looks like you’ve spent a lot of money. There are so many gift ideas out there, but homemade makes more sense which is why I couldn’t wait to share this Birth Month Flower Wall Set with you.

Not only are these framed pieces beautiful, there is also something special that will bring tears to your mother’s eyes. Let’s examine what you will need to make this wall hanging and talk about what makes this Mother’s Day gift unique.

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Mothers Day Flower Printable DIY

Anyone can print out a flower Etsy and frame it for mom, but for this project, print out the birth month flower for each of mom’s children. These flowers for the month of birth are neutral in color, so this wall hanging will go perfectly with all design styles.


Let me explain the print templates for the month of birth. For each month of the year there is a flower that matches that month. So we took this flower and made a printable version and then added the flower name and month at the bottom.

These birth month floral prints look like botanical prints. They are a classic timeless design.

Mom will love seeing the flowers of her baby’s birth month and always remember the time you spend making her special. Now let’s start making a wall hanging for a Mother’s Day gallery.


Here is what you will need to make this mothers day flower wall hanging. All of these items can be purchased from the Dollar Tree and the month of birth printable flower is from Etsy.

Printable DIY supplies for Mother's Day for framed floral prints of the month of birth

Now that you’ve gathered all the supplies, let’s talk about what makes this a unique Mother’s Day gift idea.


To make this DIY dollar tree Mother’s Day gift, we first print your birth month flowers.


After choosing each month of birth or purchasing the entire set, download the months you want to use, then print them out to the size of your frame carton. My Floating frames are 4×6 That’s why I selected the 4×6 option in the advanced setting when I printed it.

With my little frames, I didn’t want them to go edge to edge. After printing them the size of my frame, I used my frame’s glass and placed it over the picture. Then I have a pencil and drew around the edge. Then I used mine Paper cutter to cut, but if you only have scissors that works great too.

For my frames, I chose to have a floating piece of art on top of the glass so I cut off a bit more around the edges.


Now that you’ve cropped your art, I want to share with you how I framed these designs with the art floating in the middle. There are two ways to do this. First, you can put the artwork between two pieces of glass or put the print on top of the glass.

If your floating frame comes with a back and only a piece of glass then the latter will work for you but you have to remove the back so you can see through the glass. In either case, however, you will need double-sided tape to stick the print onto the glass.

Just put a small piece of double-sided tape on a piece of glass and attach the printing material to the glass. If you have a front piece of glass you can put it on top.

Note: After making and hanging this piece, I recommend adding double sided Instead, tape the corners. I noticed that it stuck out a little at the edges because nothing was holding it in place. If you have a second piece of glass, only one double-sided piece is good for you Tape.

Simply framed and printable for mother's day gift idea

Then place the glass with the imprint in the frame and press the tabs on the back down as hard as you can.


After you’ve framed all of the prints, let’s create a collage wall hanging. Start by placing all of the frames in a row, one behind the other at a distance from your liking, or use my 1 inch measurement from the bottom up.

Then flip them over so you can see the back of the frames, then measure from top to bottom. Take this measurement and add six more inches to it. If you are using three frames that are 4×6 they should be 20 inches. Then double that number and it will take that long tape needs to be cut.

Grab yours scissors and cut a piece tape the number you just thought. If you are going to make one exactly like mine you will need to cut a 40 inch piece tape.

Once you have yours tape Cut the Av shape in the ends and run the Book ring through the tape suitable for tape ends.

Printable tape for wall hanging

Now is the time to apply that tape on the back of the frame. Measure yours first tape 3 inches and mark it with a straight pen or something. Remember your tape is folded in half so you measure three inches from the ring it is folded in.

Then measure and mark the center of the top of the back of each frame.

Stick the tape on the frame

Next, add a thin line of glue along the back of the frame. Make sure you don’t apply too much glue where you see it from the front.

Glue the ribbon to the frame for a printable wall hanging with flowers for the month of birth for Mother's Day.

Then measure three inches on that tape and place the one piece tape in the glue.

Glue the ribbon to the frame for a printable wall hanging with flowers for the month of birth for Mother's Day.

Once that’s dry and secure, add another thin line of glue and place the other half of the glue in place tape.

Glue the ribbon to the frame for a printable wall hanging with flowers for the month of birth for Mother's Day.

Repeat this step at the top of each frame until you have them all tape glued to the frame. Since your frames are already 1 inch apart, you shouldn’t have to measure anymore. Simply apply and place glue tape.

After you’re all done, let’s take a look at the finished product and discuss ideas on where to hang your printable DIY for Mother’s Day.



I have these hooks in our kitchen sitting area and this cute printable mothers day wall hanging was perfect to display along with our old one Breadboard and dogwood flowers.

Printable Framed Collage Wall Hanging of Birth Month Flower with Ribbon for Mother's Day

Since this print can be printed in all different sizes from 8×10 to 2×3, you can create this collage and hang it on a gallery wall, on a hook with other hanging decorations, or just as a stand-alone piece on a small piece of wall.

A great way to give mom this precious homemade Mother’s Day gift is through a Mother’s Day brunch that you throw for mom. Here are Ideas for a mother’s day brunch and another for Garden party decoration ideas.

And if you don’t feel this idea for mom, then we have many others DIY printable ideas. I am sure you will find something your mother will love there.

But here’s one final close-up of that cheap printable DIY Mother’s Day idea using birth month’s flower art.

Simple Mother's Day Homemade Gift Idea of ​​Birth Month Flower Wall Art Framed as a Wall Hanging

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Have fun decorating!

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