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Learn how to make this easy DIY paper bag planter for your plants or flower pots. These brown paper bag planters make cute gifts or add style to your plant decorations.

How to make a brown paper bag planter for your plants

If you love to decorate with plants or give them away as gifts, you will love this DIY paper bag planter. It’s simply made from brown paper bags and coated with a finish to give it a delicious patina and make it more waterproof.

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Plants are so good for us. They give our interiors warmth. They help purify the air and produce oxygen. They make a great gift bag. I could go on and on about plants, but what makes plants even more beautiful is their pot or planter.

When decorating or giving away your home, consider planters that will add to the beauty of the plant. But a homemade planter can make it even more special, which is why I couldn’t wait to show you how to make a simple brown paper bag planter for your precious plants.


A paper bag planter is basically a brown paper bag that has a plant in it to use as a decoration for your home decor or to give as a gift to a friend. There are many different types of paper bag planters available. Some are naturally brown while others are white. You may even see color designs or ones that are written on.

Brown paper bag planter

Sometimes it’s a simple brown paper bag tied up with line or coated with something to make it waterproof. But overall, it’s a way to add style to a simple old pot.


Now that you know what a paper bag planter is, let’s start collecting those supplies.

Delivered to make a brown paper bag planter for plants

Most of these items were from the dollar tree and the rest came from WalMart.


First, keep your bag next to your plant. Mark with a pencil on the pocket where the top of the pots is.

DIY brown paper bag planter tutorial

Now add two inches to that mark. Then fold the bag down at the edges.

Fold the top of the bag down to cut it for the plant holder

Next, cut along the crease.

Cut off the top of the bag to make a brown bag planter

Then fold the bodice down twice and make a 1 inch band around the bodice.

Fold the top of a brown paper bag into a planter


Now fold your bag flat and stamp a design on the pocket.

Fold the bag down to stamp on the bag

We decide to write a design on ours. We wrote Flower in French on the ribbon on one bag and we wrote Sprout on the other flower bag Planter. Have fun with this part, if you don’t want a design move on to the next step.

Stamp a word or design on a paper bag


Next we melt some wax and apply it to the inside and outside of the paper pot. First remove the solid candle wax of the Tealight box and then slide out the wick.

DIY paper bag planter wax step

Now put the solid wax into the glass sphere and put it in the microwave for a minute. Take out after the first minute and stir a little. Make sure you are using a hot pad when removing this bowl from the microwave. The glass gets hot. Sometimes I use a craft stick and sometimes I use the brush to stir the wax.

How to make a planter out of a paper bag

After stirring it a little, put it back in the microwave for another minute and stir again. Repeat these steps until the wax has melted and the wax is hot. The hotter the wax, the easier it is to apply to the pouch. When the wax is done, set it on your work surface but place it on a hot pad so it doesn’t clutter your table.


Now we put the wax in the flower pot bag. Work in organized strokes, starting at the top of one page and painting in the wax as you descend. The thinner the brush strokes of the wax, the better. In other words, don’t put too much liquid wax on your brush.

Apply wax to the brown paper bag planter to make it waterproof

You can start on the inside of the bag first and then on the outside, or you can start on the outside and then move inwards. It’s really up to you. Also, don’t forget about the bottom of the bags, just make sure the wax is good and dry before putting it on a surface.

Easy DIY brown paper bag planter made with wax


Next, all you need to do is put your plant or flower pot in the bag. If your brown bag planter is a little taller than your pot, put a small piece of wood or something in the bottom to raise it up. These make the cutest flower pots. And now you’re all done.

Paper bag planter gift idea


See how cute and easy these DIY paper bag planters are. It’s such an easy way to add style to your plants. One thing to keep in mind as you move around your brown paper planters. Remember that the wax can crack. So be gentle. The wax gives the bag such a great patina and if there are cracks it’s just another way of adding character.

Now for a few ideas on where to put your brown paper bag planter. You can add it to a window full of plants like I did here.

Brown paper bag planter tutorial

Or you can put it on a bookshelf with books. Spring green looks so pretty on bookcases with other accessories or books. Another new place is adding a plant bag in a group of accessories or on a coat. They look so pretty when they’re sitting over a fireplace.

Another final thought is to reuse items for your plants. Old galvanized buckets along with these paper planters would look super cute.

Hope you have found this simple DIY tutorial fun and helpful and when you need help with the best plants to buy to purify the air in your home. Here is a post where Plants are more than just a decoration. And if you love to decorate with plants, you will love this Dollar Tree DIY Indoor Herb Garden Decoration.

Have fun decorating!

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