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Mart 21, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

Today I’m sharing my Easter Peeps flower arrangement that I made for under $ 10.

There are so many fun colors of peeps and these are just a few that I picked up on the other day.

It cost less than $ 10 to make and was super fast and easy to put together. I bought the pretty pink tulips from our local Von’s for $ 5.99 and found the peeps at the .99 cents store.
To insert you need a large cylinder vase or a glass and a smaller glass. I tried the below first and then used a slightly larger glass to bring in a little more water.

When I first planned this, I just wanted to use the pink and green peeps, but then I liked the yellow peeps too.

All you do is just put them around your vase and with the slightly sticky texture they stick in there and pretty well together.

Once all of the peeps were in place, I put my tulips in my glass with water and then placed them in the center.
Pretty damn cute, isn’t it? Lots more details and pictures on the blog so come over and I’ll share some other lovely arrangements with peeps as well.
Thanks for looking, Lisa

For a full tutorial and more pictures, click the link below.

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