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Mart 21, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

I have a new buddy who runs a sawmill on his property. He gave me old “not good wood” that he doesn’t use because it has bad spots. They are roughly serrated and about 1.25 inches thick, of various lengths and widths. I save the records and use the good stuff on them. It took quite a bit of sanding to get them to where I was happy with their appearance.


I first built about 30 bluebird houses (used the plans from my home state of Missouri, where the bluebird is the state bird), colored them with Olympic WaterGuard for Wood, and burned different designs in a few words that I think of when I think of bluebirds.

Used a natural tone for some and natural cedar tone for others. I give some as gifts and sell some in the Crickets Nest.

Back to the mill and my mate liked his new bird house that I gave him.

He gave me more wood. I started thinking about other needs my wife and I had after moving to a new home in Winston-Salem, NC. I decided to build a table after seeing a post on Hometalk with a nice table. With a few adjustments I started the table top. I cut 4 panels 43 “long and 11” wide with sides 3.5 “wide, long enough so that the top pieces overlap about 0.75”. I opt for routing at the top of the top and bottom of the pages.

I had a leftover 1 “x2” from another project, so I used it underneath for stability. Next came the legs, which I made by simply squaring a few strips, one about 2.75 inches wide and the other about 1.5 inches wide, creating a nice square corner. I then started burning the top and sides of the wood slowly and evenly. One part at a time and a couple of hours, then go away and do something else. Then again the next day a couple of times. The key to this was patience. Oh – by the way, my wife drew before I burned wood. The tip of a Hawaiian flower – her best friend lives there and we often think of Hawaii.

After I finished I used a soak with Olympic WaterGuard for wood (linseed oil, water cleaning) and MinWax Spar urethane (outside / inside) (there were about 4 coats). Each coat got a little easier and it took about a quarter for the table and benches.

Then I put the table on the patio to imagine what it looked like and decided I needed a couple of matching benches.

Next came the 2 banks, which I also received from a post on Hometalk, but optimized them a little to make them a little more stable. I had to buy a 2 “x6” x10 ‘and a 2 “x4” x 8’ and cut them according to the dimensions of the Hometalk post. Again I did the wood burning and staining / varnishing. When I finished, I put everything on the back patio and now have a place to sit when we go out there. My wife dressed it up in some decorative shell glasses that change the color of the sun. They look pretty pretty especially at night.
I still have free wood to work with and am ready for my next project – a small table that my grandson can play at. I need some ideas, however. So if you have anything to offer please post or reply. I’m thinking of a smaller version of what I just did, but I want it to include things that might make it more suitable for a 1-5 year old. Many Thanks.