DIY kitchen island made from two reused cabinets

Mart 21, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

This was the most expensive project we’ve ever done. We made an island out of 2 cabinets that we bought from our local restore store. I dreamed of finding such cabinets and voila! I found these cabinets on my second visit to the store. The price was a bit high for our budget: $ 45 each, ouch! But they were really, really well done and absolutely solid. Below was how I found her.

Since there’s gray and metallic in it, I thought I’d jump on a belt truck.

My dining room has been turned into a workshop. All of the old hardware has been removed and the holes have been filled with “Fix It Stick” for new hardware. “Fix it stick” is an all-purpose putty that you can find on the sanitary island. It doesn’t shrink once it’s dried, and you can stain, paint, and drill it.

I bought it on special order from Lowe’s. They were about $ 6.50 a piece … more or less.

The color was Mark Twain Gray Brick from Lowe’s. I just bought a Valspar sample pan in satin and applied 3 coats of acrylic in a clear gloss. I know it’s not perfect. I later found out that my acrylic was quite old and I had to add some water.

It has now moved to the kitchen and my husband put them together. Yes, the back needs to be reworked.

Our countertop came! It’s a Lowe’s Marble Calcutta Laminate Countertop, and we used a 10% discount on a purchase coupon for $ 250 or more. We decided to use part of our tax return.

I had cut a bead board. I forgot to take pictures but we added 4 studs with screws on the back and then used liquid nails and plate nails to add the back wall. My friend who is a contractor came and installed the top for us. We owe him a lovely dinner at his favorite restaurant.

We bought 4 STIG chairs from IKEA. They were $ 16.99 each and had them shipped for an additional $ 19.00 shipping and we love them!

We are very happy with the result. We now have so much storage space with all of these drawers! I rate this as “moderate” only because of the countertop installation. The rest was very easy.