DIY: Framed art coffee table

Mart 20, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

I firmly believe in the “If you can’t find it, do it” philosophy. So if I couldn’t find a coffee table for our living room that was either a) unique enough or b) in my price range, I set out to create one of my own. Now I’m not a carpenter or a welder so the amount of work I can do from scratch is limited, but I am good at handling a paintbrush and wheels in a resale market so I set off on a mission.

I love thick, ornate frames on art and mirrors, so my goal for the day was to find a great frame on a cheap piece of art and a cheap bench or end table and somehow toss them together to create something useful. My original thought was that if I could find a frame I liked, I could put it over glass or wood and mount it on a nice sturdy table – preferably a solid wood end table. I went to the local Charity Guild resale store on a weekday, which has less traffic and usually more items brought out for inventory in preparation for the weekend crowds. I practically had the space to myself and felt happy.
On the first go through, I found this great Ethan Allen solid wood end table with a great base shape and carved details for only $ 22. RESULT!

I was planning on painting it anyway, so it didn’t matter what shape the finish was in, and I loved that it had some depth to work with. Gold leaf immediately occurred to me.
Continue to find the perfect setting. Since I was going to paint this too, I didn’t care what color it was. More importantly, I was looking for a baroque style that I could paint gold with to match the big gold mirror in our living room. And then it was there. This fabulous golden Rococo style frame surrounds a large, old, signed mezzotint engraving by Petitjean. The more I looked at art, the more I loved it. It had a lot of the shades of gray we have in our house and the scene had a nice classic art vibe that worked well with our other art. Plus, it was already covered with plexiglass, which made it a perfect waterproof surface. Just the right size and a total profit of only $ 78.

Do you want to find out how I put it all together? Check out my blog for all the details on my painting techniques and methods of attaching table and art (this is a no-brainer). Check it out here:

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