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Mart 20, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

After craving for framed agate art – at a staggering $ 300 price tag – I decided to make my own. I was fortunate enough to find a beautiful set of blue-green agate coasters at a homeware discount store for $ 20. They already had a beautiful gold rim! Agate slices like these are also available on Ebay and Etsy.

This really is a super easy DIY project, but the secret is in the supplies:
Agate slices (try Etsy, Amazon, or look for local jewelry shows or stores near you)
Square Frosted Frames (mine are 5 “x 5” Wood Gallery Single Opening Frames from Pottery Barn)
Gel Epoxy (designed for slippery surfaces like stone – I like the LePage brand)
glue stick
White cardboard paper and cardboard
Toothpick or wooden skewer

I can vouch for this epoxy because everything I do with it is strong – and I’ve tested it for years. If you want to try this project and can’t find this brand, ask the professionals at your hardware store. I’ve heard good things about E3000 jewelry glue too, but I’ve never used it myself.

First I created a base for the agate by gluing two sheets of white cardboard together and then on the cardboard base that came with the frames. I kept the glue on the area behind the mat in case it wrinkles or stains the paper. I added packing tape to be doubly sure, but I think this was a touch neurotic. Difficult to take photos, but you can see the back in the photo above. If you could find a really sturdy white background, you can skip this step entirely. You just want a nice solid surface.

I mixed the two part epoxy together and applied it to the most opaque parts of the stone with a wooden skewer (toothpick), staying away from the edge to avoid squeezing out the epoxy on the sides. Then I eyed the center of each mat and gently pushed the agate into place, wobbling a little.

I’m really excited about this project and a year and a half later they still look perfect. The glue has stuck (tap on wood). These were photographed in my previous home and it took me a while to find the perfect spot in my new lake house. I will for sure publish new pictures soon!

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In the lake house

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