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Farmhouse Valentine’s Day porch decor ideas for your little porch. Greet friends, family and guests with these charming outdoor farmhouse Valentine decorations.

Valentine's Day Farm Style Porch Decor Ideas

Every year I am very excited to share the Valentine’s Day decoration ideas with you, but these Valentine’s Day decoration ideas are my favorites.

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I like to keep it simple with decorations for Valentine’s Day, but I still love adding a lot of love to our decor because this is a time to show those you love how much they mean to you. A great way to do this is with decorations on your front door, porch, or stairs.

Let’s get started as I walk you through simple steps to add Valentine’s Day farmhouse decor to your porch, small or large.


One way to keep costs down is to make a wreath out of dollar items. This heart shaped wreath DIY was made from a dollar tree heart wreath and hung with my instructions how to hang a wreath with ribbon.

how to make a heart-shaped wreath for Valentine's Day and hang it on the porch door

I love that this is a subtle way of portraying the love day. I have more directions in mine how to make a heart shaped wreath post if you want to do one too.

Small porch Valentine decorations

Now for the easy part and that means you put a chair on your porch. I had that old antique French vintage bistro chair in my garage. It’s the perfect addition to the porch because it’s so thin and minimal.

Farmhouse Small Porch Valentine Decor Ideas

Small porches need to have as much negative space as possible. This chair did it. It’s thin and can withstand the weather well.

Just add a chair and then add one old galvanized bucket of flowers on top. Valentine’s Day stands on roses and other pink or red flowers. Since it’s cold outside, I thought flowers would last longer on my front door than in my dry, warm home.

Antique porch decor ideas for Valentine's Day

Guess what? You have remained absolutely beautiful. I put the plant-based food that comes with the grocery store flowers in the water, but they’re fine between the cool air and the food.

Where are the best places to buy fresh flowers?

My favorite place to buy flowers is in grocery stores and some other places. I have a whole post on that best places to buy flowers.

Valentine's Day farm porch decor ideas

Next, toss a few of these flowers from either the wreath peonies or the bucket full of roses in other areas like this adorable dog statue.

Valentine's Day porch decor ideas of a dog with flowers

These are the flowers and greens that are left of the wreath. I added a little raffia to the bottom of the basket and then the greens and flowers. Super easy.

One last note about the fresh roses. I’ve brought them on nights when the temperature is freezing.

Valentine’s Day porch layered carpets

Front doors need a carpet so people can wipe their feet. So why not make it pretty? Here I layered one Target herringbone carpet with a Message doormat.

Veranda Valentine's Day Layered Carpet Ideas

The Herringbone carpet was black and white, but I wanted to soften the black. I painted chalk paint over the black areas and it did the trick.

If you’re wondering if the chalk paint will hold, I have one DIY rug made from a fall cloth and chalk paint Post where I painted a porch accent rug with chalk paint and it held up well and washed very nicely.


I like to teach that your porch is a section of what is supposed to come in. So let your porch decorations slide right into the door.

Entrance area filled with Valentine's basket and flowers

We have an old one Bank Only indoors so it’s the perfect place to add some love decorations. You can add a basket of flowers, pillowor anything your heart desires.

Simple farm style decorations for Valentine's Day with baskets and flowers

I added a hanging basket of flowers.

Flower basket as a decoration on the entrance of a Valentine

ON pink and white buffalo check pillowand a sweet love pillow from the dollar point at target.

Valentine's Day decor ideas for your entrance with Love and Buffalo Check pillows

See how easy it is to decorate for Valentine’s Day?

Buy the post:


After you’ve decorated your simple little porch for Valentine’s Day, the last thing I would recommend is salvaging some of the petals from the roses and sprinkling them all over the porch floor.

Easy Valentine's Day porch decor ideas

Here is an overall photo of what the porch looks like for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day porch decor ideas with roses in an antique galvanized bucket, signs and layered carpets.

Even Kit, our cat, likes to feel the love on the porch. LOL! Actually he looks really excited !!!

Hope you have been inspired and enjoyed these Valentine’s Day porch ideas.

Have fun decorating!

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