Chicken wire storage basket pendant lights

Mart 22, 2021 0 Yazar: admin

We needed 2 new lights to hang over our hand on the farmer’s table. Of course, anything I really liked cost more than I was willing to pay.

That’s when I came across these cuties at Ollies for $ 12.

Then I took the lighting unit out of those crazy ugly lights my best friend gave me. (You know you have a good friend when she saves this one for you !!)

I sprayed the lights off-white, turned the basket over and fastened the light in it. Then hang them up like you would normally hang a hard-wired pendant or chandelier.

Secure the lid to the bottom with a really thin florist wire.

Enjoy! To see a more detailed description of how I did this, head over to Always Never Done. here is the link.

They shed a lot of light and at night the chicken wire creates really cool geometric shadows on the walls and ceiling.

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