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These I love you gifts for her are more unique than just flowers. Valentine’s Day gift ideas from 2021 for your wife, girlfriend, mother, grandma or girlfriend that will make someone feel special that they did not love.

I love you gifts for her from a floral subscription and Reese Witherspoon whiskey in a teacup book.

Our wish for you this Valentine’s Day is that this Valentine’s Day gift guide filled with I love you gifts for her help you make someone feel loved beyond words.

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I love you gifts for her

You may be wondering what a good Valentine’s Day gift is? Well, there are so many options, but here are the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for them.

Whether romantic gifts or gifts for friends, I am sure that you will find a lot of useful ideas. There is something for everyone in this post.

What is a Happy Valentine’s Day gift?

  • Wreath of flowers
  • flower Subscription box
  • Vintage decorations
  • Personalize jewelry
  • Books
  • Sweets like chocolate
  • Bags and purses
  • Etsy Gift cards for wall art, pillow and other home decor
  • baskets


Now that you have good gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, let’s look at some pictures and examples. We have put together some great gifts for her that we believe your loved one will simply love!

Farmhouse wreath gift idea for her

Valentine gift guide for her floral wreath

Let’s start with my favorite wreath shop Etsy. The strange door has tons of beautiful wreaths that you can give to your sweetheart, your girlfriend, your mother, your daughter or anyone else.

Shop for a wreath like this one modern farmhouse spring wreath is easy because Debra has all the holidays and everything from lamb ear wreaths to peonies, magnolias, minimalist wreaths and the list goes on.

And if you decide to give your loved one a wreath, then post my post how to hang a wreath with ribbon on your doorstep will help them hang it after receiving it.

Custom signature necklace gift idea

Best gift ideas for her from a capsule signature necklace

Let me explain how touching this gift will be when you give it to loved ones. This Capsule necklace is created from a person’s writing.

You can send a word from someone who means the world to your loved one and Capsul jewelry makes it a necklace, bracelet, ring and the list goes on.

Is this the cutest gift idea you’ve ever heard of? I’m pretty sure that if I received a gift like this, I would cry.

Home decor or fun book gift ideas for you

Valentine's Day gift idea for her from Reese Witherspoon whiskey in a teacup

When I came across this book, I knew it would be the perfect gift for her.

Reese Witherspoon’s whiskey in a teacup book is filled with beautiful pages, tips and ideas for a southern home. Something on the sides makes me feel so good inside when I pick up to read.

If you like these ideas I have more in mine best interior design books for beginners Post.

Best Valentine chocolate gift ideas

I love you gifts for her with a subscription of delicious scones

I can’t skip a sweet Valentine’s Day treat and this is the best Valentine’s Day gift idea. If you’re looking for something that will make her taste buds pop, give her the gift of Seven sister scones.

Seven sister scones is a wonderful bakery that ships individually wrapped Scones straight to your door or their door. Haha!

You can order them Scones and add them to your breakfast in the bed tray. She will love you for it !!

Tiered Tray Gift Idea for Her

Graduated trays are still so popular and fun to decorate on holidays like Valentine’s Day. I have a lot of ideas Valentines tiered trays Post.

This two-tier wooden tray would be so fun paired with a gift card from Etsy So she can buy accessories to decorate her tray.

Monogrammed personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for you

There are so many options when it comes to monograms but this bracelet caught my eye.

In fact, there are so many wonderful ones Valentine’s Day ideas on This is my favorite discount boutique online. A little you need to know about is that they flip their articles every two days. So if you see something that you want to give away, be sure to buy it.

Or if you don’t see anything today, check back tomorrow because they are going to have something new.

Bags make great gifts for her

A proud military wife, Erin started sewing gifts for friends and family and so began an adventure.

Monograms can be added to her gorgeous Clutches, make-up bags or key rings, and many other items for that extra personal touch!

Erin also has a valuable “Mommy and Me” line of makeup bags and scarves. So if you are looking for your husband to get you and your cute little diva something, this is perfect!

Farmhouse sign gift ideas

Dwarves are very popular right now and if you are looking for a fun gift idea for them this is super cheap too. This gnome, there is Gnome One Like You Valentine, is printable. All you have to do is print it, frame it, and give it away as a gift.

There are many more downloads in mine Life on Summerhill Shop or you can search on Etsy just the thing. Here’s another one Farmhouse sign idea that can be hung all year round.

Vintage gift ideas for her

We feel that not all Valentine’s Day gifts need to be red and have hearts everywhere.

We love the idea of ​​knowing the person you are shopping for and giving them something they will love as much as you love them! Does your loved one love the look of vintage decorations? How about this unique one Queen bee honey pot from Shady Oaks Farm.

So if you’ve loved, vintage loves Shady Oaks Farm is a great place for shopping.

Basket gift ideas for you

If your loved one loves baskets as much as I do, then she will love this French shopping cart. I have one of these and it is used all the time.

I take it with me when I go to markets to store antiques and vintage items that I buy. I also like to use it when preparing an outdoor dinner like I was preparing Thanksgiving dining table ideas.

Also consider handmade baskets. The mission at Sewcialite is to create unique and unique items from natural materials, just like this beautiful and modern rope bowl.

Rope bowls can be used for many purposes including wall decoration, fruit bowls, drip bowl, shelf decoration, and more. If you give a handmade item to your loved one for Valentine’s Day, you will be loved for many years.

Pillow gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Farm-to-table creations on Etsy has the most beautiful pillow Cover up gift ideas for her. When you or someone you know wants to update the look and feel pillow Season to season or vacation to vacation, this is the perfect place to start.

Isn’t that Buffalo Check Love Heart Pillow Cover adorable !!

Kelly has many too everyday pillow cover ideas. The options for your country style lover are endless.

Valentine Subscription Box Gift Ideas for Her

Somebody’s pinching me because these are the best Valentine’s Day flowers ever !!

Look carefully because these are no ordinary flowers. This is a bouquet that arrives at your doorstep once a month for a year.

this is that best valentine flower idea I’ve ever come over So if you really want to make an impression, give her one Subscription box with flowers every month.

If you use the BEMINE voucher code before January 31, 2021, you will receive a 20% discount. These bouquets look even prettier !!

Buy the post:


We hope you feel like we’ve made you a lot of great gifts for your ideas in this Valentine Gift Guide. Get something special for your loved ones now!

We’d love to know which gift was too good for you not to give!

Have fun decorating!

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