Best American flag decoration ideas for home decor

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Best American flag decoration ideas of red, white, and blue decorations for all patriotic holidays for the United States. These patriotic decoration ideas are easy to create, many are budget friendly, and some are vintage pieces mixed in with new decorative items.

Decoration ideas of the American flag in the entrance area

I love the patriotic ghost vacation! After realizing that I have a lot of American flag decorating posts, I decided how much fun it would be to put them all together into one summary called American flag decorating ideas.

Now you have a place to start decorating for July 4th, Flag Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, or President’s Day. Did i miss one? See how amazing red, white, and blue decorations can be? You have so many options for festive decorations. And you can leave them out from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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American flag decoration ideas

Okay, enough of that, let’s start with my first post.

July 4th decoration ideas

USA flag decoration ideas on the back porch

One of last year’s patriotic decorating ideas was my porch. Many of these ideas can be added to your porch from items you find around the house.

One of my favourites American flag decorations is Stick flags. Either collect a lot of them in the store or order online, because there are so many things that you can do with you Stick flag. They’re also inexpensive and can be placed in fun places like plants. There are so many different ways to decorate with American flag decor!

American flag decoration ideas on the back porch

For more ideas for your front or back porch, and a few other ideas in between, see my July 4th decoration ideas.

Patriotic free printable banner

If you skipped over to the last post mentioned, you might have noticed this pennant banner on the wall. Well it is a free to print I created that.

American flag decoration ideas on the back porch

It’s really easy to do. All you need is a printer carton, Binding tape and sewing machine. You can actually glue it instead of sewing it, but I sewed mine with a contrasting thread.

Decorating ideas for the American flag on the back porch

The nice thing about this patriotic pennant banner is that you can use it any time of the year. It doesn’t have a flag so it would be cut in a little boy’s room too.

So here it is Pennant banner template post so you can snap it up and get more detailed instructions. If you’re looking for more fun patriotic prints, try ours Etsy Shop where we have a whole Category on patriotic wall art and printouts that you can download and print.

4th of July table landscape

Does someone else love to invite friends over to a fireworks display and barbecue for an Independence Day celebration? Here’s an idea to spice up your patriotic decorations for a dinner party.

Decoration ideas with American flag on your dining table

This July 4th table landscape can be used for any American holiday. Here is a great example of using vintage items that you have around the house.

There are all kinds of goodies on this table that fall under American decorating ideas. I started with it Canvas drop cloth Runner I made used my country vase holder and added some of these lovely ones Stick flags.

Decoration ideas for American flags in a table top

But do you notice anything else about these flags? This time I’ve added a few Betsy Ross flags. This table was inspired by the colonial era. So if you have a chance, check this out 4th of July table landscape and see if you can find other colonial influences.

I love those Betsy Ross flags So much until I used them on another patriotic centerpiece. Here’s a simple idea to bring your celebration to the front porch.

Patriotic centerpiece with Betsy Ross flags

This vintage patriotic centerpiece is basically overlaying a red and white plate. Then a vintage mug filled with it Wooden spoon. And finally rounded off with Stick flags. There are more fun ideas on this simple one patriotic table setting. And you can use these ideas anywhere from the outside in.

Patriotic ideas with red, white and blue decorations

And finally this year’s home tour with red, white and blue decorations. Here’s another better way to decorate your porch, entryway, and more. But this time I added the cloak with a DIY farmhouse sign that you can create too.

American flag decoration ideas on the porch

If you look at the first post you will see my porch there too. There is one item that has stayed the same all summer and that is this memorial wreath, which is also a July 4th wreath and a Labor Day wreath. LOL! Do you understand what I mean. It stays up all summer.

Decoration ideas for the American flag in your home.

After the front door you get more American flag decoration ideas on the inside. There are ideas from the kitchen to the living room.


Now you are probably wondering why I love decorating for patriotic holidays. Well, first of all, I am so grateful to live in a land of freedom. Many people have worked hard and sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

I also love history, and there is a lot of history about our American flag. If you noticed, I have another historical flag called the Bennington Flag. Also the first photo of the giant flag in my entrance area, which I received when my father passed away. It was flown over the state capital on the day of his death. Needless to say, it’s very special to me.

Decoration ideas for the American flag in your home.

So when decorating for one of the patriotic holidays, make sure to use some flags that you have around the house. Go to one too Dollar store to like Money tree and pick up about a dozen Stick flags. And finally, go over all of your goodies and see if you have something that is red, white, or blue. Incorporate them into your design.

Before you know it, your home is going to show your American pride.

Have fun decorating!

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